Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goodbye...for now!

showing off my baby bump in our beautiful backyard! Might have to do some shoots here!

Yes...I have completely abandoned my Photography Blog. 
Not my photography exactly, but just sharing my photography.

As most of you know who have followed my work or know me personally, my husband and I are expecting our 3rd child this spring. This past fall I struggled with pregnancy sickness so much that something had to slide...and since I still had to keep my other children alive and happy - it ended up being my work. My clients were extremely understanding in me delaying deadlines for edited photos (THANK YOU!!!), and now that I'm past the sick part of pregnancy, I'm getting bigger by the week and excited to have this baby. I have shot some beautiful sessions and weddings this past fall that I would've LOVED to share on here, but sadly I had neither the time or the energy.
I have a few sessions booked this spring, and am not taking any more sessions. If you care to follow my photography I continue to post favourites from sessions on my facebook page, feel free to view that album!

My Plan is to take a break from Photography after this baby arrives, focus on being a mom to 3 little kids for a while, and once I get my feet back I would like to completely re-vamp my Photography business. I plan to come back with some new skills under my belt, a new business name, a new direction, and new website. I will leave this blog up until then and post a link to my new site.

Thank you for supporting my business over the past few years, I have loved photographing your weddings, your family, your love!
I have been very blessed over the past few months with exciting things in my life - this new baby of course, purchasing our first home, and my husband landing his dream Firefighter job, which he worked tirelessly for over 4 years to get! I am looking forward to taking some time off to enjoy all of that, and then look forward to coming back to Photography with exciting new things to offer! So until then, thanks for everything!

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kichelle said...

Lovely words Petara; I often lament that I can't have you for a photographer anymore since we moved. You are amazing in so many ways! And extremely talented. Have fun with those boys and you take care <3