Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lyndon & Erika | Part 1

Someday I will stop posting soooo many pictures per post - but that day is not today! Going through Lyndon and Erika's beautiful wedding day's photos, it is so hard to narrow them down, I am just so excited to share some highlights with you. The day was filled with love, laughter, tears and so much joy. I enjoyed every moment. Except when I locked my keys and camera in my car during portraits. Not that part - but the wedding party was great even through that! Aaaaaah...anyways - part 1 of the beautiful wedding day of Lyndon and Erika. A big thanks to the talented Amanda Oliver for getting the awesome shots of the guys in the morning!
Many more photos to follow!



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Erica Hildebrand said...

I LOVE these! You captured each moment SO well!