Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Grasleys

I LOVE photographing these guys, my kids' "other family". Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without Ruth who is like a second mama to my kids. The Grasleys are such an amazing family, and their 3 beautiful girls were SUCH great sports during this shoot even though it was getting quite chilly and they were all struggling with colds. Nothing like the promise of sprinkled donuts at the end of the sesison, though, to keep the smiles coming. :)
Enjoy the sneak peek, guys - hope to have captured even a tiny bit of all of your beauty!





Erica said...

Oh, I love these so much! Such HAPPY pictures!!! You captured their interactions so well. The last one is definitely my fav. And the ones of each of the girls seperately are so precious as well! Great job, Petara! YOU ROCK!

Bonnie said...

Great job Petara, those are really beautiful pictures, I am sure Ruth will be just thrilled with them. :)

Florence said...

So much fun. So much love. These are wonderful. The girls' expressions are all so natural - great job, Petara. Love the colours of the girls sweaters - so bright & cheery.

Ruth Grasley said...

I am so happy. I can't stop smiling. Thanks so much for such a great job

Nola said...

awesome pictures Petara! love the last photo!

Rachel said...

I love them all so much. But I think either the first one or the last one needs to be made HUGE for the Grasley livingroom. Incredable!!!