Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goodbye... and Hello (soon) to Baby!

I'm officially done photography for now and waiting for baby! I'm due in 3 weeks but hoping this little one will arrive a tad early before my parents head to Africa, but who knows!
I just had to share these photos taken by the crazy talented Joey Boylan from Fuze Photography! She was kind enough to do these portraits of me and my belly a few weeks ago; I am so grateful for her time and talent, and have learned a lot from her.
Please stay tuned for photos of my little one when he/she arrives, as well as a few sessions that I have throughout the summer, and of course starting again full force in fall. I still have a few openings for November and December, so if anyone is interested in getting portraits done for Christmas, email me!
Otherwise this is my last post as a mother of one...thank you all for sticking with me and for your fabulous feedback and business!


Louise Chapman said...

The bare belly shot is my favourite. I hope you are able to feel rested before baby comes and that the labour and delivery goes even better than you could imagine!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures, can't wait to see photos of the baby! Good luck!