Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome Baby Luke!

Less than 2 months ago I photographed Bobbi and Abigail, and now I'm so excited to introduce the newest addition to the family, Luke. Luke was born on Friday. Yes, just last Friday...Bobbi's one amazing woman! So this adorable, tiny little man is only 3 days old in these pictures...melted my heart! Being around him makes me so incredibly excited to have my own newborn again soon!
So without further ado - here's the whole beautiful family, Bobbi, Kurtis, Abigail, and of course Luke! Congratulations on your beautiful son you guys!


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! What magical pictures!!!!! I lOVE that top picture of Luke where he is yawning. He is such a perfect looking baby. And what's with Bobbi looking like a model 3 days after the birth of her baby??
Rachel Hildebrand

Sarah said...

Soooo CUTE! what a beautiful baby boy and a beautiful family!

Melissa said...

Beautiful family indeed!! You rock my world Petara!

Carly Friesen said...

wow, what amazing pictures!

Kristen said...

lovely photos Petera!!
beautiful luke is adorable.

Erica Hildebrand said...

I thought FOR SURE I had left a message...guess not. :P

BEAUTIFUL! STUNNING! I love the clean, white, newness of all of fresh. Great work!