Friday, December 18, 2009

Beautiful Mommy & Daughter

Bobbi Jo and I go waaaay back, and I was so honoured to photograph her and her little cutie, Abigail. I've been editing some of these shoots a little out of order - I shot this one in November before winter graced us with it's presence. Although it is hard to tell in these photos, Bobbi Jo is expecting a little boy in January...crazy, I know...very unlike myself who is 3 months pregnant but look like I'm 6! :)
Although I have a few shoots coming up, I am taking off some holiday time and am taking bookings again starting at the end of January/beginning of February. Merry Christmas all, may you have a blessed holiday with friends and family!


Deb Panabaker said...

These are BEAUTIFUL Petara!

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. My favorite one of Abigail is the one where she is looking up at her mommy. That is so precious.
Bobbi is so beauitul and very photogenic and looks amazing in all of the pictures.

Rachel H

Melissa said...

These turned out beautiful Petara: I just love the light! Bobbi Jo and Abigail are stunning!