Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Gustafsons

What a beautiful day we had last weekend to photograph the beautiful Gustafson family! Chris and Andra have been great friends to us, and it has been an honour to photograph their two children Owen and Sadie as they grow, remember this little newbie? ... And Owen was my first "model" when I started getting into photography just over two years ago - wow does time fly! I love doing portraits this time of year, nature is the perfect canvas right now...enjoy the sneak peek you guys.

gustafson flickr


Rachel said...

Oh WOW!!!!!!!!!
I love everyone of these. But that top one is a picture for a large livingroom wall!!!!!! I love that picture so so much. And do they ever have cute kids.
Andra is incredably beautiful. It would be pretty hard not to do a good job on her!!!!!!
Good job once again, Petara.

Deb Panabaker said...

These are ALL amazing Petara. Fantastic!

. said...

I absolutely LOVE the first picture! And the one of the two kids on their little horse and trike! LOVE!!! Good job, Petara - absolutely lovely!


Ruth Grasley said...

Mark was the one that told me to look because Chris was talking about them last night at hockey. You know you have done a great job when the guys are talking about them. I agree with that first one too. What a great idea.

AGus said...

love, Love, LOVE them!!! You did such a great job. you got a good one of the kids too! Yay!!! So happy with them:)