Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Besplugs

During my session with the Besplugs this weekend we did a combination of nature shots and urban funkiness - complete with Nola asking a random (and sketchy I might add) stranger if we could use his very cool car! Nola and Ryan are a blast, and little Madden is a heartbreaker! I aimed to capture even a little bit of the personality this family of three oozes!

Besplugs 3

Besplugs 6

Besplugs 7


Elina said...

OK... so I am literally scrolling through thinking... OK when I comment its gonna be #2's my fav. Then I see #3! Then #4! Oh my gosh, I LOVE these pictures! And it totally captures Nola and Ryan's funky-funness! Is that a word? LOVE THEM! Those ones of Nola and Ryan... OH MY GOSH. LOVE THEM! Once again sista - you cease to amaze!

Melissa said...

Great job Once again Petara! And are looking HOT!

Erica said...

You do such a fantastic job, Petara. Your editing skills are the fashiz, if you know what I mean! You totally rock the photography world! LOVE THEM ALL!!!